The small flake Oldowan of Wonderwerk Cave, St. 12 (South Africa): The state of research.

Michael Chazan1, Liora Kolska Horwitz2, Francesco Berna3

  1. Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada;
  2. Hebrew University
  3. Simon Frazer University


Excavations at Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape Province, South Africa have produced an assemblage dominated by small flakes and cores in Excavation, Stratum 12, a context that stratigraphically underlies the Acheulean and that is dated to the Olduvai subchron (1.96-1.78Ma). Renewed excavations with complete recovery through flotation has significantly expanded the archaeological assemblage and further emphasizes the significance of small tool production. This paper will present the data on the lithic assemblage from the new excavation and will contextualize this assemblage within the Oldowan. This assemblage presents a challenge to our understanding of early stone lithic technology which usually emphasizes the large tool component.

Subject Communication
Language of text English
Topics AFR.001: Recent Advances in Early Stone Age Studies in Africa, New Insights on the Oldowan and the Acheulian Stone Technology
Keywords Oldowan; Wonderwerk Cave; lithics;
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